Don't Risk Your Safety – Repair Your Cracked Windshield Immediately!

It can happen to even the most cautious driver, and you have almost no control over it. Road gravel kicked up by the truck in front of you, hail, and even manufacturing defects can damage your vehicle windshield. You may think the small crack or chip in your vehicle windshield is no cause for concern, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A cracked windshield is dangerous

  • A chipped or cracked windshield is actually a major safety concern. A cracked windshield can shatter at any time, even while you are driving down the road. This is dangerous because it could actually cause an accident.
  • Cracks and chips reduce the structural integrity of not just your windshield, but your entire vehicle. The windshield is also is designed to help your airbag deploy, so if your windshield is compromised and easily shatters during a crash, your airbag may fail to deploy.
  • Additionally, the windshield is designed to protect you and keep you from being thrown from the vehicle during a crash. When your windshield has a crack, it may not be able to perform its job very well in an accident. .    

Little cracks can quickly turn into a costly replacement

  • Even the smallest chip or crack will soon turn into a large crack across your windshield. Not only is a larger crack more dangerous, but it will end up costing you more money.
  • Small cracks can often be repaired, but larger cracks often require the entire windshield to be replaced. This is a more costly option, and usually takes longer than repairing a small chip or crack.

When your windshield is chipped or cracked, be sure to have it addressed by a professional right away. Your glass repair and replacement shop will be able to decide if you are able to repair the crack or need a full replacement.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the worse the crack will get. The more extensive the damage to your windshield, the less protection it provides during a crash. No matter how careful you are, the crack will lengthen over time. Unavoidable conditions like harsh temperatures, extreme weather, and even driving on a bumpy road can quickly increase the damage.

With no way of knowing just how long it will take for the crack to spread, your best bet is to take care of it immediately through professionals, such as X-Treme Auto Glass. This not only saves you money, but keeps you safe.