Save Your Pet Or Child From Being Trapped In A Car By Breaking Out The Windshield

Locking your keys in your car can be quite a hassle, but when you lock a pet or a child in the car, it can quickly turn into an emergency situation. If you have locked your keys in your car and feel that breaking out the glass right away is your only option, consider breaking out your windshield before you break out the door windows. The following guide walks you through the process of breaking out the windshield of a car to rescue a trapped pet or child.

Understand Why the Windshield Is the Best Option

When you have to break out a piece of glass you'll want to choose the windshield, because windshield sizes are easier to get than car door windows. You will have to have the glass replaced after you break it out, and many auto glass companies have a large assortment of windshields on hand at all times because so many cars need new windshields before they need new door windows.

Distract Your Child or Pet

Have someone stand by your car to distract your child or pet so that they do not pay attention to what you are doing. You do not want your pet to run toward the area where the glass will be broken, or glass getting into your child's eyes. Having your dog or child distracted may reduce the risk of them being injured when you break out the glass.

Apply Force to the Corner of the Windshield

You'll want to use a brick or rock to hit the corner of the windshield that is furthest away from your child or pet with as much force as you can. The corners of the windshield may not be as strong as the center of the windshield, and thus may break more easily. Once you see the glass start to crack, continue to move along the edges of the windshield to continue to crack the glass as much as you can. Once you have cracked the edges of the glass, carefully use your foot to push the glass into the car. You do not want to cut up your foot, so use your body weight to lean on the glass rather than force to push your foot through the glass.

Once you have pushed the glass into the car, borrow a towel, blanket, or use your jacket to lay over the glass. Lean into the car and hit the unlock button on your door. Get down from the car and then walk over to get your child out of the car. You can then call a mobile windshield repair company to come to the scene and replace the windshield on the spot for you.

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