Auto Tinting: Get Sun Glare Protection With The Right Tint

The sun is necessary for life, but the sun can also hinder your vision, which could make driving dangerous. Do not fret, as you can opt to tint your windows to help protect against this phenomenon. The following guide will help you understand some tinting options available to you and why it may be helpful. 

Sun Glare Protection

It is important to avoid the dangers involved with sun glare, especially if you are of a certain age range. A study showed that people aged 45 and older are more likely to be in an automobile accident regarding sun glare. The result showed that 38.5 percent of automobile accidents with sun glare as a factor were in this age range. But the following are a few things anyone can consider to protect themselves from sun glare:

  • Avoid driving 45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Follow the speed limits, and keep a safe distance from other drivers (about one car length)
  • Be sure to keep your windshield clean because debris can make the glare worse

You can talk to your windshield tinting specialist about other things you can do to fight sun glare and keep yourself safe.

Different Types Of Tints

The following are just some of the tint options available; be sure to consider or ask your windshield tinting specialist about which option works best for your needs.

Dyed Window Tint Film

This is the most common and economical option available because this option requires your specialist to simply place a film over your windshield and apply a dark dye. The color will not be strong nor will it able to absorb much, but it will be able to deflect sun rays, which makes this a good option.

Metallized Film

You can also have metallized windshield tint installed. It has some advantages, like adding more shine to the finished product. The tiny metal particles also help make your windshield more shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant. It will also help protect you from heat and sun glare as well. But, the metal pieces may interfere with your cell phone and radio signal.

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon window tinting can be much darker, meaning it can deflect more heat. And it may also keep your car cooler than the previous options. You should also know that this type of film usually lasts longer as well.

Ceramic Film

This is the most expensive and highest quality option when it comes to windshield tints. You can go as dark as you want with this option, which should be helpful in hot regions, and it should last a long time.